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A B O U T   T H E   C O M P A N Y

The Classic!

The player's goal is to guide the drill, using the joystick controls, into any of the bright yellow prize tubes(114 Standard or 59 Super) or 8 adjustable payout targets. Moving the joystick will move the drill left, right, up, and down to align the drill with a prize. When the player successfully gets the drill into the tube it will start a chain reaction of swirling lights and blasting sounds. Then the prize falls out of the tube to be collected at the prize door at the bottom front of the cabinet. The replay value of the Drill-O-Matic is incredible because everyone loves to control the drill again and again... and adding prizes makes it a whole new game.

Players of all ages will be DRILLING THEIR BRAINS OUT with Drill-O-Matic!! A truly outstanding and attractive piece of machinery that's designed and built in the U.S.A., Drill-O-Matic is light years above the competition with the collections to prove it. It consistently ranks at the top of the charts and will be a virtual gold-mine for your location. A unique and versatile feature in Drill-O-Matic is the ability to put almost anything inside a tube. The Drill-O-Matic is not limited to using key chains, capsules, or hooks, but can use anything that fits within the brightly lit tubes.

Best of all, NO COSTLY PREPACKAGED MERCHANDISE IS NECESSARY!! For example: small toys, sunglasses, watches, figurines, small plush, candy, bundled tickets, coupons and much more! You are only limited by your imagination! A must have for any location, Drill-O-Matic is guaranteed to increase your profits and bring people back for more.

All games include a one year factory warranty.

Game is available in English, Spanish, or Combination version.

Pre-packaged Drill-O-Matic kits are available through outside suppliers.

Drill-O-Matic is also available with combination quarter & dollar coin acceptor.
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[ S P E C I F I C A T I O N S ]
Dimensions Set Up:
40.00" W (1016mm)
74.00" H (1880mm)

Crated Weight:
380 lbs. (173Kg)

[ F E A T U R E S ]

• (114) 2.75" Prize Tubes
• Auto-Trap Prize Door
• Dollar Bill Ready
• Joystick Drill Control
• Rugged Construction
• Coin Comparator
• Multi-Color Cabinet
• 8-Way Operator Adjustable
• Tilt Control and Alarm
• Digital Audio FX & Voice Command
• 220 Volt Conversion (for export)
• Mars Dollar Bill Acceptor
• SUPER MODEL has (59) 4" supersize prize tubes for capability to vend larger prizes.

[ O P T I O N S ]

Ticket Row Option

Drill-Plus Option
High-tech variable diameter
drill head

Auto Trapdoor Reset Option

Security Bar Option

Choose 4" Super Model Tube or 2.75" Standard Model Tube
C U S T O M E R   S U P P O R T
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